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Tips for Buying Commercial Real Estate in Brampton

When purchasing commercial property, it’s always important to do your homework before entering the market. Part of that homework involves getting sound advice on financing, legal issues and where the most profitable location is for your particular business. A knowledgeable commercial real estate agent can be a valuable asset, a partner in the process. Commercial realtors, such as those who are certified by the Canadian Real Estate Association, can help navigate complicated issues such as zoning-by laws, environmental regulations and tax implications. The right real estate agent should understand their client’s individual needs and be able to advise, recommend, caution and counsel. When looking to buy or lease commercial real estate in Brampton, find a brokerage based in the area, with trained realtors that know the pros and cons of a variety of neighbourhoods. Involve the agent early in the process, to take full advantage of their tips and expertise.
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Brampton is a terrific city to do business in. The Greater Toronto area is booming, with its projected population growth to reach almost 9.5 million people by the year 2041. The region boasts a flexible workforce, skilled workers, global connections and a variety of work sectors. While still close to the downtown core, Brampton offers a more affordable option, with a sense of community and high standard of living. Here are some tips for buying commercial real estate in Brampton.

Do Your Homework

It’s important to be able to articulate clearly and professionally the needs of the business. Items to consider are:

·       Accessibility.

·       What kind of neighbourhood is best suited to the business.

·       Projected growth of the company.

·       Required space.


At the same time, get the company’s finances in order. Make sure the business is prepared to take on all potential expenses. Prepare a well executed business plan and financial statement. Plan for any renovations or construction costs. Once a plan is in place, it’s time to get a knowledgeable, Brampton based, certified REALTOR®on board.

The right REALTOR®can help you wade through the paperwork. When looking to buy or lease commercial real estate in Brampton, consider one of the smaller, boutique firms with a personal touch. The brokerage JN Asensio Realty has been getting excellent reviews and repeat business. They offer both residential and commercial services.